Problem analyzers
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Action overrides must be present on target
ActivateRss not defined
Apex API version mismatch
Cannot delete Skills
Cannot deploy more than 16 queues with routing configurations
Cannot remove all list views
Changed dependencies
Connected apps must have a unique consumerKey
Custom field has changed type
Deleted active Flows
Deleted dependencies
Deleted owner
Different Network "picassoSite" tags
Different "label" tags
Enabling or disabling quotes
Exclude Isotope Subscription.
Feature not enabled in target
Features that might not be enabled in the source or target
Flow Definitions can't be deleted
Flow Definitions being used to set active state of Flows
History tracking settings
Items with names in different cases
Invalid action sort orders within layouts
Master-detail relationships
Missing dependencies
Must delete all versions of a flow
New items with permissions that are not included in the deployment
Object has more than one person account record type default
Object has more than one default record type visibility
Object has no default record type visibility
RecordType picklist values must exist on target
Remove components added to standard objects by managed packages
Remove horizontal alignment
Remove picklists from RecordType
Remove record type deletions
Remove references to objects which are not yet in the target
Removing Workflow Rule Actions
Routing config must be set to blank when removing from queue
Standard tab settings that do not exist on the target
Standard applications cannot be added or deleted
Swap the site administrator reference of a new CustomSite
WorkflowOutboundMessages have different values for endpointUrl in source and target.
Changed reusable OmniScript dependency
Unresolved missing dependencies