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Different Network "picassoSite" tags
Different Network "picassoSite" tags

How to deploy a Network with a mismatched `picassoSite` value

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This problem analyzer fixes a naming mismatch issue with the Network metadata type that causes deployments of Experience Cloud sites to fail.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

When there's a Network component that exists in both your source and target, but its picassoSite tag is different, this problem analyzer will be triggered.

What problem is it solving?

The value of the picassoSite tag gives the name of the Experience Cloud site linked to the community represented by the Network. If the name of the site is changed in one of your environments, and the naming convention used for the picassoSite is mismatched between your source and target as a result, your deployment will fail. You might see the generic error message: "An unknown exception has occurred."

How does it work?

Gearset provides you with the option to temporarily replace the value of the picassoSite tag in the source-side component to match the target-side component. This allows for a successful validation or deployment of the changes. This problem analyzer does not change the name of the site in your source.

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