Feature guides

Learn what you can do with Gearset

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Getting started with Gearset

What we do, who uses us, and the benefits of switching to Gearset

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Guides on deploying specific metadata types

How to deploy specific metadata types with Gearset

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Gearset Pipelines

Gearset Pipeline allows you to visualize and control your release process from start to finish.

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Data Backup

Support documentation for using Gearset's data backup and restore functionality to keep your Salesforce records safe

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Gearset for data sandbox seeding

Guides on how to populate your sandboxes with realistic test data for easier debugging and QA testing

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Problem analyzers

Guides to Gearset's automated problem analyzers

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Gearset for CPQ: Compare and deploy your CPQ configuration

Complete guides on using the Gearset for CPQ deployment solution to easily compare and deploy all of your CPQ configuration

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Gearset for Salesforce Industries (Vlocity)

User guides on how to compare and deploy Vlocity DataPacks using Gearset

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Team account management

Managing your Gearset team members, delegating org access and restricting access to git providers

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Gearset API

User guides on using the Gearset Audit, Automation, and Reporting APIs.

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An introduction to Salesforce development

Learn about the basics of developing and deploying on the customer success platform

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Find quick answers to our most commonly asked questions

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Salesforce DevOps

Explore the possibilities of modern development practices for Salesforce

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Resolving common issues with comparisons and deployments

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General resources for Gearset users: glossary, webinars and presentations

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Security, privacy and data protection

An overview of Gearset's approach to security and its handling of personal data

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