Some WorkflowOutboundMessages have different values for endpoint URL in source and target. This problem analyzer will use the endpoint URL value from the target's workflow outbound message in the deployment.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

This problem analyzer will trigger if you've got a WorkflowOutboundMessages component included in your deployment.

What problem is it solving?

Workflow outbound messages have an endpoint URL associated with them. It's likely that your Staging environment will have a unique endpoint URL compared to the same endpoint URL in Production. So when you're deploying WorkflowOutboundMessages components, you most likely don't want the URL from your source overwriting what's in your target.

Enabling this problem analyzer will ensure that this value within your target is maintained. Disabling it, will allow the URL in the target to be overwritten by what's in the source.

Anything else I should consider?

If you're looking to have a unique endpoint URL in your target compared to your source, as a post-deployment step you'll need update this URL directly within your target.

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