Apex API version mismatch
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This analyzer helps with API versioning problems when deploying Apex components.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

Trying to deploy an Apex component that has a newer API version than that of the target (e.g. an Apex class on v44 when the target has a v43 package.xml) will trigger this problem analyzer.

When this occurs, Gearset will warn you about the API version mismatch, and present you with a list of the Apex components that have the version-compatibility problems.

What problem is it solving?

Deploying components with a newer API version than is compatible with the target environment can cause your deployments to fail.

How does it work?

The analyzer will present the list of components causing the compatibility issues, but will not automatically update any of the components for you, or exclude these items from your deployment. 

You'll need to manually edit the Apex components or make changes to the API versioning in the target environment to resolve these issues.

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