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Problem analyzers
Features that might not be enabled in the source or target
Features that might not be enabled in the source or target
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This problem analyzer alerts you when you attempt to deploy standard objects or standard fields between orgs that have different settings enabled.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

If you attempt to deploy a standard object, standard field or standard value set with mismatched feature settings between orgs, Gearset will alert you with the following error message: Items using features which may not be enabled in the source or target.

For example, you might have enabled Orders from the Salesforce UI in your source org but not in your target org. 

If, after running the comparison in Gearset, you select the Orders object for deployment, the problem analyzer will be triggered.

How do I resolve this problem?

Make sure that the standard objects you want to deploy exist, i.e. ensure that the settings have been enabled in both the source and the target orgs. If they have not been enabled, one option is to manually configure the settings. Alternatively, it might be more efficient to make two deployment runs: deploy the changed settings first, then deploy the standard objects.

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