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Standard applications cannot be added or deleted
Standard applications cannot be added or deleted
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This analyzer will help detect potential problems when deploying changes to standard applications.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

When deploying additions or deletions to standard applications (metadata type of Custom Application with name starting with standard__), Gearset will suggest that these additions/deletions are removed from the deployment. An edit to a standard application will not be flagged.

What problem is it solving?

Salesforce provides standard applications (e.g. Sales or Service) for an org when it is created. They cannot be created or deleted via the metadata API - Salesforce will fail the deployment if this is attempted. (They can, however, be edited.) One way that this can happen is deploying between scratch/sandbox orgs and production orgs - they may have a different set of standard apps which would result in the comparison showing additions/deletions between the orgs.

See the following articles for more information:

How does it work?

Gearset will check all Custom Application metadata deployments where:

  • The name starts with standard__ 

  • It is an addition or a deletion, but not a change

For each of these, after you confirm the problem analyzer action, Gearset will omit these additions/deletions from the deployment.

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