Cannot delete Skills

Fix a deployment package that includes a deletion of Skills metadata

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This problem analyzer removes any deletions of Skills from your deployment package, since the Skill metadata type can't be deleted through the Salesforce Metadata API.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

This problem analyzer is triggered whenever you attempt to delete Skills as part of a deployment. When Gearset detects a deletion, it will warn you: "Skills can't be deleted via the Salesforce metadata API."

What problem is it solving?

Your deployment will fail if you attempt any deletions of Skill metadata. If you try to deploy a Skills deletion, you'll see the following error message: "Error: Cannot delete skills through API". Your deployment is more likely to succeed once Skill deletions have been removed. This type of metadata must be deleted directly in Salesforce's user interface.

How does it work?

Gearset will automatically remove Skill deletions from your deployment package.

Note: If you have renamed a Skill, Gearset represents this as a deletion of the old name and an addition of the new name, so renaming a Skill may also trigger this analyzer. The deletion will be removed by this analyzer, but the addition won't be. As a consequence, your deployment will result in two copies of the Skill in the target โ€” one with the old name and one with the new name. The Skill with the old name must be deleted manually.

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