Deleted dependencies

Suggested deletion of metadata that references a deleted item

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Dependencies are a common problem in deployments. This problem analyzer specifically helps you navigate deleted dependencies.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

This problem analyzer is triggered when you try to delete something that's referenced by other metadata in your target environment.

What problem is it solving?

Your deployment will most likely fail if you try to deploy a deletion without also deleting anything that references that deleted item. Those other items won't work without the thing they depend on.

How does it work?

This problem analyzer will automatically suggest deleting the other items as part of your deployment package. Since they reference the original item that you wanted to delete, these items are probably redundant. Gearset shows you exactly which items would be deleted from your target environment.

For example, imagine you have a custom field, DiscountPercentage, on the Account object that references another custom field, DiscountRate.

If you try to delete the custom field DiscountRate, this problem analyzer will identify this as a deleted dependency and suggest that you also delete the DiscountPercentage custom field.

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