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A description of the deleted owner problem analyzer

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This problem analyzer helps to resolve issues when trying to delete an item that other items in your target depend on.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

If you mark for deletion an item that other items in your target depend on, but don't mark those dependent items for deletion as well.

For example, suppose you have a custom field, Discount__c, in your Opportunity object, and this is referenced by a formula field in the target (say, TotalSpend__c). If you try to delete the Discount__c custom field without also deleting the TotalSpend__c field, that deployment will fail because the TotalSpend__c field still references the Discount__c field.

You'll see a message in Gearset stating that "Some items being deployed require another item that is being deleted".

How does it work?

Gearset will automatically search the dependency tree of all your items and find any that reference a selected deletion. These items will be flagged by this problem analyzer, and it will suggest removing the deletion from your deployment package to make sure the deployment is successful.

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