Changed dependencies

Existing items that should also be included as part of this deployment

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This analyzer helps solve problems with deploying items from an org when they have dependencies that haven't been selected at the comparison results page.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

If you try and deploy an item without deploying a changed component that it depends on, the analyzer will also suggest including that dependency in your deployment package. 

For the component that you are trying to deploy, Gearset will have detected changes on the items that it depends on and highlighted them. Within Gearset's UI the following problem analyzer message will be presented, along with a list of the components that the analyzer suggests you include in your deployment. Checking the boxes will include the suggested components in your deployment package.

In this example where the CheckRate workflow rule is being deployed, Gearset has detected that the dependent field DiscountRate__c has changed and that should be included to make this deployment succeed.

What problem is it solving?

If you don't include these changed dependencies, your deployment may fail or cause unexpected behavior in your target environment due to dependent components not being up-to-date or included.

How does it work?

Gearset will automatically add the changed referenced components that you specified to the analyzer to include in your deployment package.

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