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Object has more than one person account record type default
Object has more than one person account record type default
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This problem analyzer helps resolve issues for profiles where you have multiple recordTypeVisibilities for an object with personAccountDefault set to true.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

If you have an object in a .profile file that has multiple record types set to be visible, and more than one person account default is set to true, this problem analyzer will be triggered.

Example: An object has two record types, but in the profile both have visible as true and personAccountDefault as true for each recordType.

How do I resolve this problem?

Gearset will show a warning explaining what the problem is. However, we can't tell which record type is intended to be the default. In order to fix this problem, make sure that any record type visibilities for an object only have one person account default set to true. You can do this through your Salesforce org or git repository.

If the warning is ignored, Salesforce will choose the record type that is set to default as the person account default. In the example above, this would be recordType1.

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