This analyzer will help detect potential problems when trying to deploy queues that remove previous configured routing.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

When deploying a change to a queue where an Omni-Channel queue routing configuration is removed, Gearset will suggest that only the text of the XML element referring to the deleted routing config is set to blank, rather than the entire element being removed.

What problem is it solving?

Removing the entire element will result in a successful deployment, in the sense that Salesforce won't return an error. However, the desired change โ€” removal of the linked queue routing config โ€” will not have been registered by Salesforce. The workaround is to deploy a change where the XML element referring to the queue routing config is set to blank text, which will result in the target org correctly removing the linked queue routing config.

How does it work?

Gearset will search all queue changes in a deployment package where a queue routing config is present in the target but not in the source. For each of these, after you confirm the problem analyzer action, Gearset will create the queueRoutingConfig element in the queue metadata deployment with a blank value.

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