This problem analyzer will help detect potential problems when trying to deploy queues with configured queue routing configs. 

What triggers this problem analyzer?

This problem analyzer is triggered if you try to add, change, or delete more than 16 queues with routing configurations at the same time. You'll see a message in Gearset stating that you "Cannot deploy more than 16 queues with routing configs due to Salesforce limitations".

What problem is it solving?

Salesforce does not let you deploy more than 16 queues with queue routing configs at a time (see this Salesforce article for more details).

Note that a validation of a package with these changes may succeed, but the deployment will fail. 

In order to successfully deploy these, you should split the deployment package up into multiple parts so that you are not inserting, changing, or deleting more than 16 of the suggested queues at a time.

How does it work?

Gearset will automatically search through queues and queue routing config metadata items to work out how many are being added, changed or deleted and will warn you if more than 16 queues with routing configs are included in the deployment package.

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