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Removing Workflow Rule Actions
Removing Workflow Rule Actions

What does this problem analyzer do?

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This problem analyzer warns you if you attempt to deploy an object on which a Workflow Action has been deleted from a Workflow Rule.

What triggers this problem analyzer?

It isn't possible to remove a Workflow Action via the Salesforce metadata API, although new Workflow Actions can be deployed. 

If you've deleted a Workflow Action, the change would not present itself in the target org, which is why Gearset alerts you with the error message: Cannot remove WorkflowRuleActions.

If the deployment is part of a CI job, you would end up with changes detected on every run. (See our support article on how problem analyzers affect CI jobs.)

How do I resolve this problem?

You can manually remove the Workflow Action from within the Salesforce UI by selecting Remove on the Edit page of the relevant Workflow Rule. 

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