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Problem analyzers
Remove references to objects which are not yet in the target
Remove references to objects which are not yet in the target

Permission sets have dependencies to objects, which may not be in the target

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Gearset helps you be successful with your deployments of both Profile and Permission sets by deconstructing them, and displaying any necessary dependencies in the comparison.

You can easily include these by clicking the Depends on button in the comparison.

Deploying a Permission set that references components which are not yet in the target

If you decide you would like to deploy a Permission set without also deploying these dependencies Gearset has a Problem Analyzer which will help you. This Problem Analyzer will remove references to the objects which are not in the target, so that you can deploy the Permission set.

The text of this Problem Analyzer reads:

Problem: Some items reference components that were not downloaded from the target.
Solution: Removing the items that reference these listed missing components will make the deployment more likely to succeed. Alternatively, return to the results screen to add the missing components to your deployment.

After selecting the checkboxes in the Problem Analyzer you can proceed to deployment.

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