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Using the Vlocity CLI to debug retrieval errors
Using the Vlocity CLI to debug retrieval errors

Replicating Vlocity errors seen in Gearset using the Vlocity CLI

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  • You need to have the Vlocity CLI installed, one way to check is to be able to confirm the version installed like this.

    Prepare a yaml file to contain the projectPath

Retrieving through the CLI:

Now that the Vlocity CLI has been installed, you can then execute the command to retrieve the details of the CPQ data type (DataRaptor)

vlocity -sfdx.username [email protected] -job example.yaml packExport -key DataRaptor

(Note: If you see a permission error or cannot access error put sudo at the front of the command to run as administrator. Example sudo npm install --global vlocity. This will prompt you to enter your computer password to be able to run as administrator.)

If you see the same error as in Gearset, this shows that the API is unable to retrieve these components. You will need to reach out to Salesforce support for assistance with these Vlocity components.

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