Adding the Gearset external ID using the setup wizard for CPQ

A walkthrough of using the new setup wizard to add the Gearset external ID field to your Salesforce orgs

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In order to deploy CPQ changes between your chosen source and target, the first step is to have the Gearset external ID field present in your orgs. The Gearset external ID must exist in both source and target orgs to compare and deploy your CPQ configuration. If you haven't run the setup process before see our recommended approach to setting up your Salesforce orgs with the Gearset's external ID in combination with a full copy sandbox refresh.

Running the Gearset external ID setup wizard

You can manually instigate running the setup process via your Salesforce org connections page using the Run CPQ external ID setup option for any of your CPQ org(s).

The CPQ external ID setup process

Once you've chosen an org to run the external ID setup process, you can give the deployment a name, and it'll be stored as an entry in your metadata deployment history with the source metadata location being displayed as CPQ external ID setup.

Simply click the Create Gearset external IDs button to begin the automatic three-step process, and you're done!

Note: If you use or plan to use the 'Clone with Related' feature in Salesforce, select one of the options to add a flow to support with this. Read this article to understand how Gearset handles external IDs when you use the Clone With Related feature in CPQ related objects.

Gearset's automatic 3-step external ID setup process

Step 1: Several checks on the org to make sure Gearset's external ID field can be added are carried out.

Step 2: A metadata deployment is performed to add the Gearset external ID field to your CPQ and related objects.

Step 3: Gearset will then populate those external ID fields that were added in step 2. Gearset will derive its external ID from the existing Salesforce record ID.

The deployment success page will confirm it has successfully added the Gearset external ID field.

When it comes to deploying new records that have been created after this setup step has finished - Gearset will automatically populate new record IDs at deployment time alongside your metadata.

For any source and target org that you've added the Gearset external ID field to, you'll then be able to run a comparison and select CPQ items for deployment. See our comparing and deploying CPQ config article for more information.

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