Gearset External ID setup wizard for CPQ FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CPQ configuration External ID setup wizard

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What steps does the Gearset external ID setup go through to add and populate its external ID field?

Gearset will first perform a metadata deployment to add its external ID field to all CPQ and related objects. Once completed, Gearset will perform a data deployment to populate its external ID based on the existing Salesforce record ID.

What format does the Gearset external ID field take?

The Gearset external ID field will be added to CPQ and related objects using the format GearsetExternalId__c:.

How does Gearset generate the record ID value it uses, and what does it look like?

Gearset's ID value is based on the existing Salesforce record ID, and simply reverses it. For example, a Salesforce record ID of OAA3BJB100000d8t10, would mean the Gearset record ID value is 01t8d000001BJB3AAO.

Can I compare and deploy CPQ configuration without running the external ID setup or having the Gearset external ID field?

No. Both orgs must have the Gearset external ID.

Can I specify my own existing external ID field for Gearset to use?

No. By automating the generation of a consistent record ID from a single source of truth, we eliminate the chances of error. The deployment of all CPQ records should only be handled by Gearset.

Do I need to rerun the external ID setup wizard when I create new CPQ records to deploy them?

No. Gearset will handle the deployment of any new record IDs at deployment time. You can choose to run the setup process again if you wish to populate new Gearset record IDs before a deployment, but this is not a requirement as Gearset will handle that during the deployment process.

Would I ever need to rerun the Gearset external ID setup process?

The only time you need to rerun the setup process is if new CPQ or related objects have been added since the last time the setup process was done, in order to add the Gearset external ID field. Rerunning the setup won’t change any existing record IDs so is safe to do.

How do I rerun the external ID setup for a Salesforce org that I've previously run the setup for?

Visit your Salesforce org connections page, and click on the Run external ID setup option for your chosen org.

How do I remove the Gearset external ID?

To remove the Gearset external ID, simply visit your Salesforce connections page, click the Run external ID setup link for your org connection. You will be presented with the option to remove the external ID to complete the process.

Do you support virtual external IDs?

No. The Gearset external ID field is added during the metadata deployment part of the setup process and then assigned a record value.

Running the external ID setup has altered all the last modified timestamps. What can I do?

This is a one time problem when the setup wizard is run. With the upcoming SOQL query support to provide users other ways, other than date, to pull down certain records they can almost certainly get the data set they want through specifying a few more parameters.

How long does it take for the Gearset external ID setup wizard to run?

It's dependent on a number of factors such as time taken to add the Gearset external ID and number of records being populated with a record ID value.

Which profiles will have permission to edit the Gearset external ID field?

Gearset will grant edit permission to any profiles that currently have permission to edit Product2.ProductCode

Am I able to download my errors?

If you are hit with failed error after your external ID deployment, you're able to download these errors as a CSV file. You will find the icon next to the "Retry Failed IDs" button.

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