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Customizing the Vlocity metadata filter
Customizing the Vlocity metadata filter

Specify which Vlocity data packs Gearset should retrieve and compare

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Important to note: From January 2023, users will need a Salesforce Industries add-on license to deploy Vlocity or OmniStudio components. Please, check our Pricing page for licensing details.

Gearset's metadata filters control what Salesforce metadata and Vlocity data packs are included in your comparison. Click Manage custom filters... to pick individual types and items to include.
Or you can use Gearset's Default Vlocity comparison filter.

This filter includes 6 commonly compared Vlocity types: Data Raptor, IntegrationProcedure, OmniScript, VlocityCard, VlocityUILayout and VlocityUITemplate.

Gearset shows you all the Salesforce metadata types and Vlocity data pack types available to compare.

Select a type to include all data packs of that type in the comparison. This filter will compare all of our Data Raptors (in red on below image):

If you've got a lot of data packs of the same type, clicking the All items toggle (in blue on above image) will let you select individual data packs to include in the comparison.

This can make the comparison significantly faster if you know that only a few data packs have changed. On below example, the filter will compare only selected sample_getAccountDetails which is part of the Integration Procedure Vlocity type:

You would also notice that after selecting All items, the toggle changed to Named items.

If you're wondering what the difference between these two options is:
​All items = by default will retrieve all items of a selected Vlocity type.
​Named items = allows you to select which specific items of a particular Vlocity type are to be retrieved.

You can compare Salesforce metadata and Vlocity data packs at the same time by selecting the types to compare in the Metadata and Vlocity tabs (as highlighted in blue on the above image).

Gearset will show all of the changes in the same comparison grid, even highlighting dependencies between metadata and data packs.

Why does my comparison retrieved Vlocity types that are not part of my metadata filter?

Gearset will compare the dependencies of any data pack you include in the metadata filter. For example, if our sample_GetAccountDetails Integration Procedure depends on a DataRaptor named sampleGetAccountDetails, our app will compare the sampleGetAccountDetails DataRaptor even if DataRaptor Vlocity type isn't selected in the metadata filter.

This makes it easy to make sure dependencies are included during the deployment, so that the Integration Procedure works as expected in the target org.

You can save your metadata filter selections and share them with your team to make it easier for your whole team to run the same comparison with the same settings every time.

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