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Deploying Salesforce metadata and Vlocity data packs together
Deploying Salesforce metadata and Vlocity data packs together
Combine your metadata and data pack changes into a single deployment
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Gearset can deploy Salesforce metadata and Vlocity data packs as part of a single deployment, helping you roll out a feature that makes changes to both metadata and data packs.

You'll need a Salesforce Industries add on (which is seperate from the Deployment and Automation license) to be able to access deploy Vlocity data packs. Please see our pricing page for more details.

To start with, you'll need to customize the metadata filter to include both your Salesforce metadata changes and Vlocity data packs. In this case, we're comparing Salesforce custom objects and Vlocity OmniScript.

Gearset shows the dependencies between data packs and metadata so you can select everything you need for the deployment.

Once you've selected your changes, click NEXT. Gearset's problem analyzers will check for anything that could cause your deployment to fail, and suggest items to add or remove. Although you can see dependencies between metadata and data packs in the comparison grid, Gearset will not suggest missing data pack → metadata dependencies during problem analysis.

Salesforce metadata changes and Vlocity data pack changes will appear in different tabs in the deployment summary. You can add a deployment friendly name and associate Jira tickets in the same way as any other deployment.

You can validate the deployment to check that the Salesforce metadata changes will deploy successfully. Validating the deployment won’t check if the Vlocity data packs can be deployed successfully, because there’s no way to check without actually doing the deployment.

Once you start the deployment, Gearset will deploy the Salesforce metadata first, moving on to deploy the Vlocity data packs once the metadata deployment is complete. If the metadata deployment fails, Gearset won’t attempt the Vlocity deployment.

This table shows what happens for different deployment outcomes.

Salesforce deployment

Vlocity deployment

Salesforce changes

Vlocity changes


Not attempted

Rolled back




Not rolled back

Not rolled back - anything that deployed successfully will remain on the target



Not rolled back

Not rolled back

Once the deployment completes, if the target is a Salesforce org, Gearset will start activating any data packs you’ve deployed.

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