Guides on deploying specific metadata types
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Account team roles - retrieve and deploy
'Big objects'
Case team roles
Community pages and communities builder
Custom links and buttons with Gearset
Custom metadata type access and custom settings access
Custom metadata types (new items)
Compact Layout assignment - retrieve and deploy
Deploying custom settings data with Gearset
Deploying ForecastingType metadata
Digital Experiences aka Communities, and how to deploy changes to them
Deploying Surveys with Gearset
Deploying the renamed label of a standard object
Getting started with precision deployments
Einstein Analytics - retrieve and deploy
Email alerts - retrieve and deploy
Expression sets - retrieve and deploy
External data sources with Files Connect
Field history tracking - retrieve and deploy
Flows - retrieve and deploy
Flows - how to activate Flows on deployment to production
Fundraising standard objects, such as "GiftTransaction" and "GiftCommitment" - retrieve and deploy
How to deploy Lightning record page assignments with Gearset
How to deploy Permission Sets
Profiles - how to retrieve profiles and their components using Gearset's metadata filter
Knowledge articles
Lightning page and Lightning page assignment - retrieve and deploy
Lightning Web Components
New custom field with its field-level security settings
Permission changes for Custom Apps
Picklist changes on standard fields
Precision deployment of Apex code
Public Group - retrieve and deploy
Record types
Reports and Report Folders
Standard Value Set - retrieve and deploy
Search Layouts - retrieve and deploy
Selecting and deploying a custom field
State and country/territory picklists
System permission 'Waive Multi-Factor Authentication for Exempt Users' - retrieve and deploy
Translations - retrieve and deploy