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Downloading data from a data backup job

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Gearset offers multiple ways to download data from a data backup job. All data downloads are logged in the data download history of the backup job.

Ways to download data from a data backup job

Using a snapshot

Gearset has a few options for downloading data from a data backup job. The first way is to use the use snapshot button. Once this has been opened you can select download data.

From here you can filter this to the objects you want to download.

Once you have filtered the objects, then you can start the export.

From View Changes

From here you can view the changes between the last backup and the current backup.

Once you have selected an object, you can then choose what records you would like to download and click the download from this backup button.

If selecting deleted records then you will need to select Download from previous backup

Once you have selected records that you wish to download, you will be able to give the download a friendly name which will be shown in the friendly name section of the data download history of your Backup job.


  • There is a 50 GB limit on the ZIP file that can be downloaded from a backup job.

  • If your org is particularly large or the filter is very wide then it may take a while for the export and download to complete.

  • If you download a deleted record, you'll have an empty file, as it's downloading from the most recent backup. If you want the deleted data, then you'll need to go to the last backup the data was in and download it there.

What should I do if I get stuck with anything?

If you ever need support, just contact our live chat support by clicking the blue button in the bottom right in every Gearset screen.

A real human (no robots here) will get back to you very quickly! We typically reply in under 15 minutes.

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