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Searching for records in data backup
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This document outlines the current ways to search and find a record in your Salesforce Backups.

Search tab

This tab is used to see how a piece of data has changed over time. It will search through every backup Gearset has done.

You can find this method by selecting the Search tab at the top of your Backup run.

Once you click into that tab, you are taken here:

Here you can choose to search by either a Salesforce ID (you will need to search the whole ID) or a Value.

When searching using a value, Gearset uses a case-insensitive search method. It will look through every backup run to find any instance of your search term.

If you click on any of the surfaced records you will be able to see how they have changed between backup runs

On the left-hand side of this popup you will be able to see how that record has changed between the most recent runs.

On the right-hand side of the popup you will be able to see each individual run and see if it was new, changed or deleted.

You can also select View backup run which will take you to that specific backup run on the object.

Filtering in objects

To find this object tab, select View changes from job history, then View records.

You can also get to this view by selecting view backup run from the search tab as mentioned earlier.

Here you will see a table with the records that have been captured in the backup run. Along the top of the table you will be able to filter the records by deleted, changed, new, all or selected records.

If you click the add field filter, then you can further filter the records.

Once you have added the field filters you will need to pick a field to search in, as well as an operator and the value that you are searching for.

Filtering by "CreatedDate"

When restoring data from a backup, you may wish to filter your records through certain time periods. Gearset allows you to select records that have been created "before" or "after" a particular date. Just like shown above, you would need to add a filter, with the field selected to "CreatedDate", and then select "newer than" or "older than", to the value you have chosen. These values can be through years, months, weeks, and days - which are under the value section of the filter.

What should I do if I get stuck with anything?

If you ever need support, just contact our live chat support by clicking the blue button in the bottom right of every Gearset screen.

A real human (no robots here) will get back to you very quickly! We typically reply in under 10 minutes.

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