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Resolving issues with logging in and connecting orgs via Salesforce
Resolving issues with logging in and connecting orgs via Salesforce

Fixing common login issues, initial setup and org connection issues between your Salesforce org and your Gearset account.

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On occasion, when you arrive at and try to log in with a Salesforce account, you may find you're unable to proceed after entering your Salesforce credentials - the browser serves up a blank page or that your Salesforce credentials are showing as incorrect.

Alternatively, you may find yourself unable to connect a new Salesforce org to Gearset with a similar message.

This article addresses some common resolutions to these problems.

Connecting with the appropriate organization type

The first thing to understand what org type you have: Salesforce (Production, Developer) accounts will authenticate against, while Salesforce (Sandbox) accounts will authenticate against

As the different account types use two different authentication URL and flows but have a similar UI, it's easy to accidentally click on the wrong account type when logging into Gearset. It's always worth double-checking you're using the correct flow.

Similarly, when you add a new org connection to Gearset, make sure to select the correct organization from the dropdown menu as seen below.

When using a Developer or Production account, choose the Developer or Production organization options. If you choose the Sandbox organization, your credentials will not be found as you are trying to access a different organization type. Follow here if there are issues logging in.

Using Login History to diagnose issues

If you're still running into issues and aren't sure what is going wrong, then Login History from the Salesforce Setup menu is a great way to diagnose failed requests.

In the screenshot, you can see an attempt failed due to the wrong password, and you'll see a similar entry with invalid_grant|ip_restricted if there is an issue with Gearset connecting to your org.

If you find that your username and password are showing as incorrect.

You may find that your Salesforce credentials are showing as incorrect.

This is commonly because you are logging into

  • a production or developer org account, but you selected the sandbox org type, or

  • a sandbox org account, but you selected the production or developer org type

If this happens simply go back to the connection screen below and choose the correct organization, and that should allow the connection will be added to your org list on Gearset.

Are you getting Login failed when trying to join a team?

If you are trying to join a team and you are seeing the error message above, then have a look at this guide here.

Are you getting one of these two Access denied error message?

If so, then it may be that your org or profile doesn't have the IPs allowlisted. To address this issue please follow this guide.

Issues logging in using SAML?

If you encounter this issue where it does not redirect you back to Gearset after signing in using SAML, then please find out more here.


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