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Troubleshooting Salesforce login
Troubleshooting Salesforce login

Notes on troubleshooting common issues that we find with Salesforce single sign-on and how it integrates with Gearset.

Written by Patrick Boyd
Updated over a week ago

This article will detail steps to help with some common issues that are encountered when signing into Gearset using your Salesforce credentials.

Not redirecting back to Gearset after signing in using SAML

Your salesforce organisation may be set up to login using SAML to authenticate to your company's identity provider. When you go to salesforce you would be presented with something like the following, where clicking a link like the OktaSaml button in the image below will automatically sign you.

When logging into Gearset, the expected flow is:

  1. Click the Salesforce login button within the Gearset app.

  2. You are redirected to Salesforce, where you login using your SAML link.

  3. Once authenticated, you should be redirected back to Gearset.

In some circumstance, instead of being redirected back to Gearset, you may find yourself on the Salesforce home screen.

RelayState parameter must be returned by the Identity Provider

One explanation for this is that your SAML identity provider is not returning the RelayState along with the SAML response when it returns to Salesforce. In the image below we can see the network tab in Chrome that has captured the 'Doc' requests during a test SAML login flow.
The post to the SAML endpoint has sent the RelayState to our Identity Provider and when it returns, it includes this back to us in the response.

If you examine this response for a flow where we are not redirecting back to Gearset, you may find that the RelayState is null.

In this case, you will need to contact your IdentityProvider and ask that they honour the return of the RelayState parameter.

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