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How to join a Gearset team via an invitation when you get "Login failed"? Can an account have access to multiple Gearset teams?

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Are you getting Login failed when trying to join a team using an invite link? Or are your teammates having difficulties accepting your invitation to your Gearset team?

Below are some common issues that customers run into when trying to add colleagues to their Gearset team, along with some solutions to try.

If you are new to Gearset

If you haven't created a Gearset account yet, click Create your Gearset account and enter your chosen login details:

If you don't click Create your Gearset account in this scenario, you will get this error message:

*Note: If you already have an account and are wanting to add a newly created user to your team, follow these steps to avoid mixing up which user gets added to the team:

1) Create your new Gearset account.

2) Log in to the existing account on the team you're wanting to add the new user to.

3) Send an invitation to your newly created user's email.

4) Log out of the account the invitation was sent from, and log in as the new user.

5) Once logged in as the new user, accept the invitation, they will be added to the team.

If you have a Gearset account already

If you already have an account, click I already have a Gearset account at the bottom. Make sure you enter the login information for the account to which the email invitation is being sent.

Note: Gearset users can only be a member of one team at a time. If you belong to a team and accept an invitation to join a new team, you will leave the original team. Any deployment history you have will remain accessible from the old team only โ€” it won't be transferred to your new team.

If you need help retrieving your log-in credentials, follow the instructions in this article.

I don't want to leave my original team, can my Gearset account access multiple Gearset teams?

At any one point in time, a Gearset account can only be active in one Gearset team. This means if you already have a Gearset team (say Team Awesome), and accept an invitation to join another team (say Team Brilliant), you won't be able to access the original team's (Team Awesome in this example).

As a solution, you can create multiple Gearset accounts for the purpose of logging into different Gearset teams and keeping the deployment history separate.

Has the invitation expired?

If the invitation link is being sent via email, make sure the link hasn't expired. If multiple invitations have been sent, make sure the most recent one is being used.

If your team member is unable to find the email in their inbox, you can send the invitation link directly to them by clicking the Copy invite link button (shown below).

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