There are 4 types of authentication methods that Gearset supports:

If you need to change your Gearset login, this article outlines what you need to do.

Why would I want to change my login?

Login lost

If your Salesforce sandbox has been refreshed or if the org has moved instances, the user account Gearset uses to authenticate is now gone from Salesforce, so you won't be able to log in with that user account anymore.

Disassociate with trial account

If you signed up to an Gearset account with one authentication method (e.g. your personal Gmail) and want to remove the association, you may want to use your professional Salesforce login to log into Gearset.

How do I change my login?

The way forward is to: 

  1. Create a new Gearset account (ideally not with a Sandbox credentials)
  2. Ask a team owner to invite you to join the team again
  3. Log in and re-create your org connections and CI jobs with your new account
  4. Remove the old account from the team 

The old deployment and comparison history belongs to the team and should still be there after the old account is removed from the team.

Special case if the team owner account has been refreshed 

If the only team owner is the account that has been refreshed, please replace step 2. with:

2. Use the team owner email address to email [email protected] to say "Please add <new account name> to my team, and make <new account name> a team owner".

What about my license?

Once you are a team owner, you will have the ability to transfer the license from your old user to your new user. For more information see this article.

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