On occasion, when you arrive at https://app.gearset.com/ and try to log in with a Salesforce account, you may find you're unable to proceed after entering your Salesforce credentials - the browser serves up a blank page. 

This troubleshooting doc addresses some common resolutions to this problem.

Can you log in via Incognito mode?

The first debugging step is to try logging into Gearset via Chrome's Incognito mode or Firefox's Private Browsing. This bypasses the cookies stored in the browser and usually allows you to login successfully.

If Yes, clear your cookies.

If the login works via an Incognito tab, but not a normal tab, it's worth clearing out the cookies associated with the Salesforce domain in your browser. This will allow you to reset the cookies used, and successfully complete the authentication flow to log into Gearset. 

Chrome and Firefox both give users the option to only remove cookies of a specific domain.

If No, check if you are logging into the right Salesforce account.

The authentication process is handled by Salesforce, not Gearset itself. So it's worth testing if logging into Salesforce works.

Salesforce (Production, Developer) accounts should try to authenticate against https://login.salesforce.com/

Salesforce (Sandbox) accounts should try to authenticate against https://test.salesforce.com/

As the different account types use two different authentication flows but have a similar UI, it's easy to accidentally click on the wrong account type when logging into Gearset. It's always worth double-checking you're using the correct flow.

Using Login History to diagnose issues

If you're still running into issues and aren't sure what is going wrong, then Login History from the Salesforce Setup menu is a great way to diagnose failed requests.

In the screenshot, you can see an attempt failed due to the wrong password and you'll see a similar entry with invalid_grant|ip_restricted if there is an issue with Gearset connecting to your org.

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