'Basic comparison' metadata filter

List of all the metadata types (6) included in our default 'Basic comparison' filter

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Below is the list of all the metadata types (6 in total) included in our default metadata filter: Basic comparison.

Metadata types

Links to documentation with guidelines on how to deploy different metadata types and/or their specific components

Apex class

How to use precision deployment of Apex code.

Apex trigger

Custom object

Including 10 sub-components:
- BusinessProcess
- Compact Layout
- CustomField
- FieldSet
- Index
- ListView
- RecordType
- SharingReason
- ValidationRule
- WebLink

How to deploy Custom Links and Buttons through WebLink metadata;

- Compact Layout Assingments
- Custom Settings,
- Knowledge Articles or
- Search Layouts using Custom object metadata type


How to use precision deployments for Page layouts

Permission Set


Deploy various granular Profile components;
​How to retrieve Profiles and their components in your metadata filter

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