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'Default Experience Cloud comparison' metadata filter
'Default Experience Cloud comparison' metadata filter

List of all the metadata types (16) included in our 'Default Experience Cloud comparison' filter

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Below is the list of all the metadata types (16 in total) included in our default metadata filter: Default Experience Cloud comparison.

For more guidance, check our support article on:
โ€‹Digital Experiences aka Communities, and how to deploy changes to them.

Metadata types

Links to documentation with guidelines on how to deploy different metadata types and/or their specific components

Apex class

How to use precision deployment of Apex code.


Aura component

Branding Set

Content asset

Custom object

Including 10 sub-components:
- BusinessProcess
- Compact Layout
- CustomField
- FieldSet
- Index
- ListView
- RecordType
- SharingReason
- ValidationRule
- WebLink

How to deploy Custom Links and Buttons through WebLink metadata;
- Compact Layout Assingments
- Custom Settings,
- Knowledge Articles or
- Search Layouts using Custom object metadata type

Custom site

Digital experience bundle

Experience bundle

How to deploy Digital Experiences (Communities) and changes to them

Managed topics (Community)

Navigation menu

Network (Community)

Network branding (Community branding)

Sharing set

Static resource

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