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Converting a pipeline to a team-shared pipeline
Converting a pipeline to a team-shared pipeline

How to convert a user owned pipeline to a team-shared pipeline

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Team-shared pipelines are owned by Gearset Team Owners rather than individual users. This gives greater flexibility to teams to manage their orgs, CI jobs and pipelines.

How to convert a pipeline

To convert a pipeline, go to the pipeline settings and select Convert to a team-shared pipeline...

This will give the list of CI jobs within the pipeline, all of which need to be converted into team-shared CI jobs before being able to convert the pipeline.

First you will have to ensure that you have a team VCS connection (We recommend using a service user).

Note: Once you have added the team VCS connection once then you will not have to add it every time.

Once the team VCS connection is added then you can add new team-shared org connection (We recommend using a service user).

Note: If you go Salesforce orgs under my connections you will notice that the org will be under My connections and Team-shared connections.

Once the connection has been added you are then able to convert the org to a team-shared org.

Once both of these connections have been added into Gearset you can convert the CI job to a team-shared CI job.

Now repeat this for all CI jobs on the list. Note how the VCS connection is already set up so no need to repeat that step.

Once all the CI jobs have been converted to team-shared CI jobs then you are able to convert the pipeline to a team-shared pipeline.

This is a permanent change that cannot be undone.

Once converted you will get all the features of the pipeline being team-shared and is now owned by all team owners.

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