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Resolving common Validation Errors in ExperienceBundle
Resolving common Validation Errors in ExperienceBundle

How to resolve commonly seen Experience Bundle validation errors

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Validation Error - "XXX wasn’t deployed because ExperienceBundle isn’t enabled for Aura sites. To enable ExperienceBundle, in Setup, select Enable ExperienceBundle Metadata API in Digital Experiences | Settings."


Go to both source and target Orgs and check the Enable ExperienceBundle Metadata API checkbox.

Validation Error - "The value for urlPathPrefix in ExperienceBundle isn't valid. Check the value and try again."


Remove any metadata from the deployment package.

Validation Error - "The reportId property of component XXX references an object with the ID value YYY. Occasionally, when deployed to a destination org, ID values can become invalid—for example, if the referenced ID doesn’t exist in the destination org. If you encounter component issues in your destination org, verify that the ID values are correct."


Disable the Treat warnings as errors deployment setting on your account page.

Other errors we have seen while deploying:

Note: These were only seen when attempting to deploy components which the XML had been modified directly before deployment

  • In field: Site - no CustomSite named XXX found

  • In field: Network - no Network named XXX found

  • The Default Web Address must be alphanumeric.

These errors occurred when an edit was made directly to the .xml of the Custom site and Network metadata, specifically a /s was added in onto the urlPathPrefix.

To resolve these errors remove /s (or any such extras) from the field urlPathPrefix in CustomSite and Network.

To see how to edit the deployment package see this article.

Disclaimer: This error is returned by Salesforce directly, rather than Gearset. Even so, we offer guidance based on our combined experience with the Metadata API. Where possible, we try to help guide you to fix or avoid this error. In the case that this isn't possible, we may need to direct you to Salesforce support for further clarification.

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