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How can I change the deployment package before deploying?
How can I change the deployment package before deploying?
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Gearset breaks down metadata components into individually deployable parts allowing you to deploy a single custom field in a parent custom object, or an individual field permission in a bigger profile.

However sometimes the thing you want to deploy does not fall under that neatly divided component that Gearset recognizes, perhaps

  • you want to change one line of Apex code and not deploy the other lines, or

  • you want to deploy some picklist values and not others

This guide explains the workaround available.

  1. Select the parent component you want to deploy and get to the Deployment summary page.

  2. Select the Download package button to download the zip file.

  3. In your file explorer, unzip your zip package and open the metadata with your text editor.

  4. Remove or amend the metadata xml as desired and re-zip the package.

  5. Go to Compare and deploy and select Local files as the source, and select the amended zip package. Select the original target org and compare and deploy. Taking care to amend the metadata filter as needed.

This should allow you to workaround the component definition of Gearset and deploy what you need.

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