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Transferring Gearset team ownership and assigning licenses
Transferring Gearset team ownership and assigning licenses

Ownership transfer and license assignment

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In order to transfer ownership to a team, the user has to be part of that team already. If the user is not part of that team, a team owner can invite them to join their team. They can invite users in two ways: by email or by Salesforce username.

  • In Gearset, navigate to the My account page, and make sure Team management is selected on the left.

  • To invite a new team member, either enter their email address, or (if applicable) the Salesforce username they use to log into Gearset.

  • Click the Invite via email button to send the invite. The user will receive an email inviting them to join your team. If they don't already have a Gearset account, they can create one. Once finished, the user will be added to the team.

  • Any outstanding invites will be shown on the My account Team management page. Invites that have not been accepted will expire in five days.

  • You can also copy the direct invite link from here if there are any issues with the email invite.

  • Once the user accepts the invite, they will be added to the team and listed in the team table.

    Note: Gearset users can only be a member of one team at a time. If you belong to a team and accept an invitation to join a new team, you will leave the original team. Any deployment history you have will remain accessible from the old team only - it will not be transferred to your new team.

Changing a user's role and assigning license.

A team owner can manage the roles of the remaining team members (including the other team owners) in their team.

  • To change a team member's role, select Change role... from the My account Team management page.

  • In the dialogue box that appears, select Owner or Member as required, and click Save.

  • That user's role will then be updated in the app and will be displayed in the team details table.

  • If you have available licenses, assign them a license by changing the license type from None to Starter, Teams, or Enterprise, as shown in the picture above.

  • Make them a team owner. (You can have multiple team owners per team.)

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