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Transferring data backup job ownership

Has a colleague moved from the team or changed roles? Change the owner of any existing data backup jobs

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If you are the owner of a data backup job, you are now able to transfer the job to another member of your team. You can also transfer any of your existing team's data backup jobs if you are the owner of the team (This can be if the owner of that job has left and/or does not have access to transfer that themselves). Please note that the recipient of the transfer must be a team owner.

The transfer consists of three steps and these are the same for both a job/team owner:

  • Step 1 - The member of your team adds the org connection

  • Step 2 - The job owner initiates the transfer to the member of your team

  • Step 3 - The member of your team accepts, and completes the transfer

Step 1 - Adding the org connection

The team member that is looking to take ownership of a backup job needs to ensure the target org is authorized within their org connections page. Details on how they do this can be found here.

Step 2 - Initiating the transfer

Navigate to the data backup page and select the cog for the job that you own. You will now see the Transfer ownership option:

You will then be able to select one of your teammates from the drop-down and initiate the process by clicking Send transfer request:

You will be prompted with a confirmation dialog box. Once you have clicked Send transfer request, the selected teammate will automatically receive an email containing a link to complete the transfer. You can also manually send them the generated link found on the confirmation screen:

Note: The job will continue to belong to you and run as normal until the teammate you have sent the transfer to accepts the request, or until you cancel the transfer (in which case we will let your teammate know that the transfer has been cancelled).

Step 3 - Accept the transfer

Once your teammate has clicked Accept transfer within their email, it will redirect them to the following page:

If the teammate has followed step 1 successfully, they should have access to select the org and complete the transfer. They can also choose to enable the job automatically after transfer, should they wish to:

Note: If not, by default it'll be disabled, and they'll need to enable the job manually after the successful transfer.

The teammate will then see a confirmation dialog box from which they can review the settings. Once confirmed, the teammate will be presented with a confirmation message to let them know that the transfer has been successful.

The View data backup jobs button will redirect the user to the data backup jobs page.


Why can't I see my team member as an option for transfer?

You will need to be on the same team in order to be able to transfer a backup job. If they are not a member of the same team, you'll need to add them by following the instructions found here.

Why can't my team member see the target org during transfer?

Your team member will see the target org in the drop-down box if they have already successfully completed step 1. They will need to ensure that they have added and authorized the target org in their org connections page.

Can I cancel a transfer?

You may cancel a transfer up until the transfer is complete. You are the owner of the job until the teammate completes the transfer, and it will continue to function as normal. Once the teammate completes the transfer, you will no longer be the owner of the job and will therefore no longer be able to cancel the transfer.

How will my history look once the transfer has completed?

The full history will be maintained, and the team member who is now the owner can access this from the data backup history page for that job.

If the job owner is not around, is there another way to transfer the job?

Along with the job owner, a team owner has full access to transfer ownership of backup job. So even in the case that the job owner isn’t currently available, a team owner will be able to do this by following steps 1-3 as above.

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