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Sharing your comparison with Gearset
Sharing your comparison with Gearset

How to share your comparison with Gearset for faster and easier troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting with Gearset has just become a whole lot easier! You no longer have to spend time explaining the exact metadata filter settings you are using whenever you run into an issue with your comparison. Instead, one click of a button shares your read-only comparison results with us - and we can get investigating!

How to share your comparison

You can share your comparison from any comparison screen: a manual comparison, CI job, or from change monitoring.  

Sharing your manual comparison

From the comparison screen, you can access the sharing button. 

The sharing button can be found underneath the table of metadata differences, next to the toggle for switching between object and XML view.

Sharing your CI job/ change monitoring comparison

Sharing a comparison from a CI job/ change monitoring dashboard involves a couple more steps than sharing from a manual comparison. 

From the change monitoring or CI job dashboard, click view history  and then view comparison on the comparison date you are interested in. This will take you to the standard comparison screen where you can find the same button. 

After you click the sharing button

After you click the sharing button, you will see a confirmation screen. Clicking share secure comparison link sends us a secure link to your read-only comparison results.

What does "read-only" mean? 

Gearset will create a read-only view of your comparison results where we can review the metadata in your source and target. This does not give us access to your actual source and target environments, so we won't be able to make any changes to your orgs - just view the same comparison screen as you. 

Because this comparison is read-only, we won't be able to include additional items in your metadata filters or deploy any changes. 

What advantages are there to sharing your comparison? 

Sharing your comparison with us can greatly speed up the time it takes for us to help you with common issues, such as:

  • Finding missing items that are nested subcomponents

  • Ensuring you have the correct metadata filter settings for your desired items

  • Helping you include dependencies that are causing your deployments to fail


The local copy of your metadata will only be seen by the customer success team and senior engineering staff, and will be securely deleted as soon as we've helped reproduce your issue. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us .

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