Connecting to popular on-premise source control systems

This article walks through how to connect to popular on-premise source control systems via username/password, and how to troubleshoot issues

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To run a comparison in Gearset, you need to add a source and target location of your metadata. Gearset supports comparing and deploying metadata, CPQ configuration and Vlocity Data packs that is source controlled, with support for any git-based source control provider. You can connect to them either by OAuth

Or by adding a custom git repository via a username and password. We describe both methods in our support doc on managing source control connections in Gearset.

Common issues

  1. If your account uses 2FA, you may need to create a custom application password (also known as personal access token) for Gearset to connect to your repository.

  2. For GitHub with HTTPS as the authentication type you will need to enter a personal access token in place of a password, as described here.

  3. If HTTPS method doesn't work due to your git server settings, please try the SSH method.

  4. Gearset will need to be able to connect to your git server, so it needs to accept connections from our static IP addresses.

  5. To ensure a secure connection, Gearset will only connect using HTTPS and your server needs to be set up with a valid certificate from a CA. Self-signed certificates are not supported as they can't guarantee a secure connection.

  6. You need to use the correct path to your git repository. This typically is a path that ends in .git . For example, in Bitbucket a project with the name salesforce-metadata  will be in a repository called

  7. Your server needs a public DNS. If cannot resolve your server name, then Gearset cannot connect to it.

    Note: Please check that the IP address is not within the following ranges, which are private and will not be accessible outside your network.

    - to

    - to

    - to

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