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Integrating with self-managed GitLab
Integrating with self-managed GitLab

Deploy to and from your own GitLab instance

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Please see this guide about on-premise connections first before connecting to self-managed GitLab.

If your team is using self-managed GitLab all team members will need to follow these steps to connect to their GitLab accounts.

Create an application

You will need to create a new OAuth application for Gearset. To do this, navigate to Preferences in your GitLab instance.

Navigate to Preferences

And then Applications. Create a new application.

Fill in Gearset as the name, and as the redirect URI.

Navigate to Applications

Ensure that Confidential is ticked and then tick the api, read_user, read_repository, write_repository scopes.

Click on 'Save application'.

Add to Gearset

Go to Source control and services in the Gearset app.

To add your new GitLab application to Gearset, click on the + Connect to self-managed GitLab button.

Fill in the on-premise GitLab URL in URL (i.e. To find your GitLab URL:

  1. Open GitLab in your web browser (on your device, computer or laptop)

  2. Copy the address from your browser's address bar. In some browsers you may need to tap or click the address bar to see the full URL. If you're viewing the dashboard, the GitLab URL is everything that comes before /dashboard.

If your URL is, then you're using the cloud version of GitLab and Gearset will work perfectly with your GitLab product without having to generate an application in GitLab with the above steps. For steps on integrating with GitLab cloud, refer to this article.

Then fill in the application ID and secret as shown in GitLab ( go to User Settings > Preferences > Applications again to find these details).

After clicking Connect, you will be redirected to GitLab where you can log in normally and accept the requested permissions.

After authorizing Gearset you should now be able to use GitLab as a source or target for comparisons and automated jobs.


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