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Integrating with Azure DevOps Server
Integrating with Azure DevOps Server
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To connect to your instance of Azure DevOps Server, you'll need to generate a Personal Access Token with appropriate permissions, and provide this when adding the connection in Gearset.

Getting a Personal Access Token

Navigate to your Azure DevOps Instance in a browser, open user settings and select Personal access tokens.

You should now be in the Personal Access Tokens sections, once there, select "New Token", and give your token a name.

In order for the connection from Gearset to work, you will need to select "All accessible organizations" in the dropdown highlighted here:

In this example, we've selected "Full access" scope. You can select "Custom defined", but please note that if certain permissions are not set correctly, Gearset won't work as expected.

Setting up the connection in Gearset

From the Source control and services page in Gearset select Connect to Azure DevOps Server:

Now you should see a modal dialog, allowing you to enter the Url of your Azure DevOps Server instance, and the Personal Access Token you generated earlier.

Test your connection, and you should see the connection succeeded:

If the connection fails, make sure you're using a Personal Access Token that provides correct permissions (see this article). If you're still experiencing failed connections, contact our support via in-app chat and we'll be able to investigate the cause of the connection issues.

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