Data backup dashboard

On this dashboard you have an overview of the data backup jobs that have already been configured on your Gearset team. If your team haven't set up a job yet, this is what you will see:

If jobs have already been set up, each backup job will correspond to an org which is being backed up.

Add a new data backup job

You can add a new org to back up via the ADD NEW JOB... button. This will, every day, take a backup of the records in your org.

You can only back up orgs that you own the connections for and not those that have been delegated to you. 

You can configure the API usage limit, after which Gearset will stop trying to back up your data records to allow non-backup jobs to use your API call.

You set the time of day when the backup is run, and there is an option to run an initial backup job immediately regardless of when the jobs are set to run.

There are notification settings you can configure in the Notification settings tab.

You can choose which objects in your org you wish to backup or exclude from the job in the Filtering tab.

In the Unsupported objects tab we list the objects that will not be included in your backup. A object may be unsupported by the Salesforce API or may be something Gearset has yet to implement support for.

Reviewing a data backup job

Once the job is set up, it will look something like this until the first backup is completed: 

When the job is running, you should see this. The time that the run takes will vary depending on your org record size.

When the run is completed, you can view the history and statistics of the job.

Data backup history 

The job’s history page will tell you the details of each run.

  • Backup type will tell you if a full backup was run, or if only the changes from the previous run were backed up. 

By clicking the cog icon under Actions (which is only available to select if you are the job owner), you have the options to: 

  • Browse data: see the object records backed up from this run. This is an example for Account:
  • Download data: download the object records backed up from this run as a CSV file.
  • Download metadata: to see all the metadata from your org at the time the backup was taken, not just of the objects being backed up.

Data backup statistics

The statistics page for a job shows you an overview of the data records volume tracked across time so you can understand how many data records have been backed up over time.

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