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How do I add Gearset notifications to a Microsoft Teams channel?
How do I add Gearset notifications to a Microsoft Teams channel?

Update your Microsoft Teams channel during continuous integration, change monitoring or test monitoring when action is needed

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Many Salesforce teams now use the Microsoft Teams service to collaborate, chat, and hang out. Gearset supports sending notifications for change monitors, continuous integration jobs, and test monitors to a Microsoft Teams channel.

Creating a Microsoft Teams incoming webhook

The first thing you need to do is generate a URL that is unique to your Microsoft Teams channel so that Gearset can send notifications to it. 

Note: This process may change when Microsoft changes the Microsoft Teams user interface, so you can always refer to the Microsoft Teams documentation on  

  1. Go to the channel where you want to add the webhook and select ••• More options from the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Connectors from the dropdown menu:

    Select Connector
  3. Search for Incoming Webhook and select Add. (Microsoft Teams allow admins to allowlist/denylist apps across their tenant which you can choose from. If you cannot find it, double check with your admin that they are allowing the Incoming Webhook by Microsoft app in their Teams app store for you to select).

  4. Select Configure, provide a name, and upload an image for your webhook if required:

    Configure button
  5. Copy the webhook to the clipboard and save it. You'll need the webhook URL when configuring Gearset to send notifications to Microsoft Teams.

    Unique URL
  6. Select Done.

Sending updates to a Microsoft Teams channel from Gearset 

When you come to the section on configuring notifications tab of the job settings, you can now use the Microsoft Teams webhook URL from step 5, and when the job runs you'll receive notifications from Gearset in that channel. Refer to our documentation for unit testing, change monitoring, or continuous integration for instructions on how to configure those parts of Gearset.

What if I don't get a notification even after configuring it?

Microsoft Teams can be a little confusing. A good thing to check is what the webhook URL looks like. 

It should be similar to https://<TEAM>{id} and that is the URL that allows you to send notifications to the channel.

It should not look like which is a direct link to the channel itself and isn't valid for sending notifications to.

If you have any problems configuring things, we're always here to help. You can reach us either via the in-app chat or by emailing [email protected].

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