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DevOps Launchpad downtime July 19-20 2023
DevOps Launchpad downtime July 19-20 2023
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What happened?

We took down the DevOps Launchpad platform, which would have affected users trying to log in between 8pm UTC on Wednesday, July 19 and 09:30am UTC on Thursday, July 20. We apologize for any inconvenience experienced if you tried to log in to DevOps Launchpad during this time.


We took the platform offline while we investigated a potential issue with user permissions. We discovered we had mistakenly given one user group a profile that meant they could see assignments on the platform and a dashboard showing total user numbers. They were not able to see any PII such as usernames or email addresses. There is no profile that can be assigned to user groups which gives access to this information. The issue was quickly resolved, and we brought the platform back online as soon as possible.

How will we prevent this happening again?

We’ll update this document as we take further steps, but we hope to remove the profile with this permission, so it won’t be possible for this to happen again.

Who can I contact if I have concerns?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the in-app chat or email [email protected].

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