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What is Gearset?

How Gearset works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions

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Setting the standard in Salesforce DevOps

Gearset is the modern DevOps tool for Salesforce. We help teams compare, move, and track changes between Salesforce environments faster and more easily than ever before.

What can I do with Gearset?

If you develop on the Salesforce platform, you can use Gearset to:

  • Rapidly compare environments to see the differences

  • Quickly build deployment packages to get orgs in sync

  • Integrate version control into your development process

  • Set up advanced deployment automation

  • Track changes between environments with detailed change reports

  • Adopt Salesforce DX without the command line

  • Reduce risks with rollback and metadata backups

  • Improve team collaboration and reduce code conflicts

  • Move data records between production orgs and sandboxes

Who uses Gearset?

  • Salesforce admins who want a faster, more powerful alternative to change sets which is easy to use and helps them quickly move changes without the command line

  • Salesforce developers looking for a tool which enables them to adopt modern development practices such as version control, continuous integration, and automated dependency analysis, while removing the need for the manual XML editing of Ant-based development

  • Release managers and technical architects who want to improve deployment velocity, facilitate team collaboration, and deliver features to their end users more quickly and reliably

  • Consultants and implementation partners who want a way to build, track, and manage changes across multiple clients and organizations and provide detailed reports of their project progress

What sets Gearset apart?

We've taken a different approach than other tools. Gearset focuses on usability, world-class support, and a deep understanding of Salesforce. We solve the core problem of moving Salesforce metadata and data between locations better than anyone else.

By using Gearset your team will deploy more reliably, collaborate more effectively, and have better visibility into the changing state of your entire Salesforce estate. We're trusted by companies around the world to run their DevOps, from FTSE 100 to the Fortune 500.

We built Gearset on decades of experience building DevOps tools for multiple development platforms. We genuinely believe we've built the best DevOps tool for Salesforce, and our customers agree:

"Gearset should 100% be a part of your technology stack, irrespective of whether you have a mature environment management structure, or your Salesforce implementation is rapidly evolving and scaling."
Mike LaVigne, CTO, Traction on Demand (read the case study)

"Refreshing sandboxes with Eclipse and a manual diff would take me days. With Gearset, what would take me a day and a half, took me an hour or two. I was so happy."
Julie Zaretsky, Lead Software Engineer, Xaxis (read the case study)

Created from decades of experience

Gearset was founded in early 2015 by Redgate Software, a Microsoft gold partner that has been developing release management tools for SQL Server, .NET and Oracle for over two decades. Building on that deep expertise, we're now bringing best practice in deployments to the Salesforce platform.

Gearset's powerful features and intuitive design quickly made us the deployment tool of choice for some of the largest companies in the world, from FTSE 100 to the Fortune 5. Whether you’re looking to adopt an Agile release process, improve developer collaboration or speed up project delivery, Gearset’s easy metadata and data deployments, integration with Salesforce DX and powerful automation can help you take control of your Salesforce release management.

How can I get started?

See how to start your free 30-day trial here.

Want to know more?

Learn more about the app on our site, read our docs, or contact us for a chat.

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