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Restoring changed fields from a data backup job
Restoring changed fields from a data backup job

Restoring unwanted changes in specified fields in an object, while leaving the good changes in place

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With data backup jobs you are now able to restore changes made in specific fields rather than restore changes to the whole record.

An example of where this may be useful is the following: say we have a data migration which went wrong and has updated the value stored for the FirstName field across multiple Lead records. In the meantime, there were some good changes made to the records, such as updates to the address, that you want to keep in place. You are now able to revert just the unwanted changes to the FirstName field but leave the other good changes in place.

To show you how to use this functionality, we will step through an example of the above. To set the scene, we have 35 Lead records where there has been a data upload that has replaced all the FirstName fields with the LastName field ( John Doe is now Doe Doe) but there have also been other changes made, from this update and also by other users, that we want to keep.

If we look in the backup run for that day, we see there are 35 changed Lead records. We want to restore changed fields within Lead:

This will then show on a record by record basis the values you can choose to restore. Note the FirstName has changed in this record, along with an update to the address has been added:

Here you can select the field(s) you would like to restore, for example FirstName. When we start restoring from here, this will revert store the changes to just the FirstName field across all 35 records:

You can scroll through all the changed records by clicking the arrow buttons at the top:

You can filter which records you want to restore by clicking on Refine, which will bring up the filters:

When we start the restoration it will only restore the selected field changes to the records matching that filter. In this case we have cut this down from 35 records to 26 records:

You can cut down which fields you actually view by the drop down at the top of the table:

When you have selected your fields and filtered down to which records you want to restore, click Plan restoration at the bottom of the page:

This will create a restore plan and bring up a summary like so:

Click Deploy Data to push these reversions to the org:

Once this is complete, you can see the reverted records on your org, where we have changed the names but left the correct address change in place:

We hope you enjoy using this restore flow and if you have any feed back, let us know!

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