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Restoration of "Household Accounts" from a backup job
Restoration of "Household Accounts" from a backup job

Accounts from the Nonprofit success pack (npsp, npe01, npe03, npe4, npe5 objects)

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This is a guide to restoring Household Accounts and objects related to them from a data backup job. Household Accounts are a special type of Account that are part of the Nonprofit Success Pack. They work in a slightly different way to typical Accounts and are often tied to an individual Account (further details here). When you are creating particular records such as Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce there are a number of steps that are automated, such as automatically creating Accounts when you add a Contact.

Due to the unique way that these records behave in Salesforce, we have to restore these slightly differently to normal. Here is an example where a Household Account along with the primary Contact and an associated Recurring Donation have been deleted, and we want to restore them.

Firstly we look at the run of my data backup job and notice that a number of records that we previously had in the org have been deleted.

To see the records that were deleted, select View records for Contact.

Note: even though the Account was the initial record removed, we need to use Contact as our root record here.

Then we select the record to restore, and click Restore from previous backup:

Then select Restore records across multiple objects:

For the Contact, we need to make sure the Account is not included as this will be automatically included. To do this, uncheck the tick box next to AccountId:

Now we want to include the npe03__Recurring_Donation__c record:

  • First select the npe03__Recurring_Donation__c on the left hand list.

  • Then select to only deploy the records that are children of Contacts

  • We do not want to include any references to the deleted Account (NPSP will create a new one). To do this, unselect the npe03__Organization__c field. (If you have any other objects you want to include in your deployment, similarly uncheck the Account references.)

Note: there are no Opportunities included in the deployment here - NPSP will also automatically create those.

Now click Next to move on to the object deployment list page. The only step needed here is unselect Account from the right-hand pane:

Click Pre-deployment summary, and then click Deploy Data:

Once the deployment succeeds, it shows a final page like this:

We can then view the record in Salesforce, where the Account is now restored, along with the Contact, Recurring Donation & Opportunity:

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