To run a comparison in Gearset, you need to add a source and target location of your metadata. Gearset supports comparing and deploying metadata that is source controlled, with support for any git-based source control provider. If you use one of the popular hosted services such as GitHub or BitBucket then you can connect to those using OAuth

If you need to connect to a git server that you're running on-premise then you can still do that using Gearset's support for manual connections. 

Adding a source control connection via username/password

  1. Under Manage connections, on the Connections page, click on the Source control and Jira tab and scroll down to the Manage custom git repositories section
  2. Click Add new git repository
  3. Enter your username and password, and specify the URL for the repository
  4. (Optional) Click test connection to confirm that the Gearset can access your repository
  5. Click Add repository to save the connection

Your connection will now be listed on the connections page.

Common Issues

  1. If your account uses 2FA, you may need to create a custom application password for Gearset to connect to your repository.
  2. Gearset will need to be able to connect to your git server so it needs to accept connections from the following IP addresses on port 443:,,, and 
  3. To ensure a secure connection, Gearset will only connect using https and your server needs to be set up with a valid certificate from a CA. Self-signed certificates are not supported as they can't guarantee a secure connection
  4. You need to use the correct path to your git repository. This typically is a path that ends in .git . For example, in BitBucket a project with the name salesforce-metadata  will be in a repository called 

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