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How to make changes to your recurring subscription

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You are able to manage most aspects of a recurring subscription through the portal provided by FastSpring. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to manage your subscription. To locate the subscription portal go to any of the subscription emails sent by FastSpring. The email will come from: [email protected].

Using this portal you can:

  • Update the credit card details

  • Update the billing postal address

  • Cancel your subscription

Using this portal you can't:

  • Update the email address associated with your billing details

Billing contact change

In order to make a change to the billing contact, including the email address, a request should be sent to [email protected]. This request must come either from an active team owner or the current billing contact linked to the subscription.

Locating the Subscription Portal

To locate the subscription portal in the email, click on the link found in the Order information section. The link will always start with:

If you are having trouble locating the subscription email please make sure to check your spam folder and ensure the FastSpring email address is listed as a trusted contact.

The Subscription Portal

Once in the portal you’ll see an overview of the subscription with options to edit or cancel the subscription. Select Edit Subscription to make changes to the credit card or billing address. Select which change you want to make and then follow the online instructions to update those details.

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