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Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot)
Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot): Comparison sidebar UI and features
Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot): Comparison sidebar UI and features
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Gearset introduces a new quick access sidebar designed to provide a range of easy to access tools and views to help you pick what to compare on-demand.

It offers several benefits and a range of improvements to existing features to further optimise the most common workflows.

Browse mode

Browse mode lets you navigate quickly to specific types and pick changes to deploy. It's perfectly designed for speed and single use when you're looking for to deploy a small set of known items without the requirement to seeing groups of metadata types together.

Comparison filters

Comparison filters are for more advanced use cases where you want to understand a specific set of differences or group differences between your source and target - even comparing only specific items. If you want to understand how your two orgs differ then using presets filters, or customizing your own, is where comparison filters are perfect.

For advanced filtering, such as specifying only particular items to compare or including namespaces, you can use the manage custom filter panel to configure specific combinations of types and items. See our custom filter management documentation for more information.

Alternatively, if you want to quickly build a filter of types to view together by adding them to a dedicated list, you can do so using the +ADD link from the list of metadata types.

Selected items

Any items selected for deployment from either browse mode or using comparison filters will be added to your selected items for deployment.

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