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Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot)
Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot): Manage custom filters
Gearset compare 2.0 (Pilot): Manage custom filters
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We've upgraded our existing comparison filter in several way to improve the usability and feature set.

Accessing the metadata comparison filter

The fastest and easiest way to open the new comparison filter is to simply click on the cog icon shortcut from the new sidebar when in Comparison filter mode:

You can also access managing your custom filters via the comparison filter dropdown:

Building a new comparison filter

Building a completely new filter is easy. Simply:

  • Select the None (0) option which will clear any existing metadata type selections.

  • Pick and choose the metadata type(s) you want to add to your filter

  • Choose if you want to always include any items for a type to be included in future comparisons, or specify specific named items based on the current items found between the two orgs

  • Add any custom rules using regex or specific object names that will also be applied as part of your filter

  • If you wish to save your current selects and rules as a permanent filter for future use, click Save filter... to give it a name and save the configuration. Note: you can also apply a filter to your current comparison without saving it for permanent use.

Updating an existing filter using manage custom filters

To edit a pre-existing filter via the manage custom filters panel:

  • Open the manage custom filters settings

  • Choose your comparison filter from the drop-down

  • Add/remove types or specify rules and items that you wish to change for your current filter

  • To apply the filter without making permanent changes to it, simply click Update comparison filter.

  • To save the changes as either a new filter or update the existing filter, click Save filter... and choose the applicable options.

Updating an existing filter using manage custom filters

If you need to quickly add a metadata type(s) to your current view from the comparison results, you can also simply use the +ADD shortcut from the list of types in the sidebar to add it to an already selected filter. To permanently save the change, you can do that via the manage custom filters panel.

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